Dream Strategist Interview Guide

Dreams can be utopias. They can be memories we return to. They can be unfamiliar and disorienting. They can also be limiting- they rely on what we know, on possibilities already considered or even imagined for us. Sometimes we lose teeth, and sometimes we fly. We usually keep dreams to ourselves.

Dreaming Collective is a project born out of a desire and a curiosity to learn from the shared dreams and aspirations of the collective–that includes you. Especially in this period of in-betweenness, the things we find ourselves wishing for speak volumes about society at large. There are lessons there; our mission is to make sense out of it all. 

If you’re up to the task of being a Dream Strategist, the first step is just to speak to three people about their dreams using the interview guide below. Use this as an opportunity to have a deep, if very odd, conversation. 

Start with: “I want to talk about your dreams”

How do they react?

Some questions that might guide your conversation:

“What do you wish you were doing right now?”

“Where do you dream of being?” 

“What problems do you dream of solving?”

“If you didn’t have to work for money, would you still be doing what you’re doing?”

“What personal goal do you have that few people know about?”

“What inspires you these days?”

When you arrive at a subject or a “dream” and you feel like you can go deeper, ask these questions:

“How would you feel if it were true?”

“How do you feel when you dream about it?”

“Are you hopeful?”

“Where did this dream come from?”

“When did you first consider this?”

“Who is there with you?” 

“Who isn’t there?”

“What would you trade for this to come true?”

A bonus question to change the direction of the conversation, if you’d like to. 

“What do you dream of for 2021?”

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